What Does Window Installation Service Cost in Pensacola, FL?

Window Installation Cost Pensacola FLIf you’re considering a window replacement for your home in the Pensacola, Florida, area, you’re probably most concerned about how much it’s going to cost. New windows are a significant investment for a home and while they provide a number of benefits – even monetary benefits, as energy-efficient windows can help to reduce your energy bills – you likely want to know what you’re getting into. How much will this window installation cost and is it worth the investment?

The cost of a window installation depends on two factors:

The Windows

The price of windows can run as low as $100 per window to as high as $1,200 per window. (And for custom-sized windows, that price is even higher.) If you’re working with a window company, expect to pay somewhere between these two numbers as they’ll be sourcing windows from a higher-end manufacturer, but due to their partnership with this supplier, they can often get better rates than you’d find on your own.

The Installation

Along with paying for the windows themselves, you’re also paying for the labor involved in a window installation. A full-frame replacement, which is when the entire window is removed including the frame, will cost at least $150 per window for the labor. However, this price is often higher when you factor in the experience and credentials of the installers.

Window Installation at Majors Home Improvement

It’s difficult to give one answer for the cost of a window installation because the price varies depending on the company you’re working with. That’s why you should consider the value of the company you work with, rather than the bottom-line price. In Pensacola, the company offering the best value for window installation service is Majors Home Improvement. We’re so confident in this statement that we always encourage our customers to seek out comparison quotes! Contact us today to learn more about our vinyl windows and installation service.

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