Out of Space?

Feb 06, 2010

Is your bathroom too small? Perhaps a bathroom remodeling project is in order? Many older homes simply lack the square footage of today’s spacious floor plans. Remodeling that cramped space only makes sense for both aesthetic and practical considerations.

Check the adjoining rooms to determine if you can gain a few square feet by removing a closet or shifting a wall. Make sure to consult with a qualified contractor before attempting any interior demolition. A good bathroom remodeling specialist will be able to determine how and where your bathroom can safely and efficiently be expanded.

In some cases, restructuring the floor plan is not an option. However, simply replacing old fixtures can free up a considerable amount of space. Look to add sleek new door knobs and vanities, and you might find astonishing results. Also, consider switching the traditional bath tub for a space-saving standing corner shower, especially if the room is not a Master Bath.

There are ways to improve any bathroom however big or small. If a tiny bathroom is a problem in your home a little imagination and advice from a bathroom remodeling specialist will allow you to turn tiny into terrific far more easily than you might think.