5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Nov 04, 2009

Visualize your goal. This part is easy. First, decide what you need, and then determine what you want. It might be a good idea to prioritize your list of “wants,” so you can easily make budget decisions when finalizing your design plan.

Know your investment. Consult with a local realtor to determine how much your home is currently worth, and to see how much a new kitchen might add to the home’s overall value. Home improvement trade publications also offer annual “Cost Vs. Value” reports that provide comparative information for popular home remodeling projects.

Set a budget. Every homeowner is cost-conscious nowadays, and setting a reasonable spending limit only makes good sense. However, be cautious to avoid skimping simply for the sake of cost. You are spending a substantial amount of money into a long term investment – not to mention that you will get a result that you can enjoy for years to come. In order to cut cost, consider keeping the same basic layout, if possible. Relocating plumbing and electrical can be a significant expense.

Take inventory. Assess the needs of your home, and write down all items for future reference. Make sure to involve the whole family in this process. You might want to consider these questions:
– What must change?
– What must not change?
– Are there any current safety hazards?
– Is there adequate counter and drawer space?
– What special features are currently lacking?

Consider a professional. Simply put, hiring a professional designer can help you avoid costly pitfalls or design mistakes that lead to future regret. A true professional will observe state and municipal building code regulations as well as uphold the highest ethical standards in the industry – giving you the confidence that your remodel will be a solid investment.

Good luck!

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