Installations down Memory Lane

It’s fun to look back at all the people and home installations by Majors Home Improvement through the years.  We attribute our success to the installers, designers, production manager, measure technicians, and office team to help our customers experience a smooth installation.  Majors Home Improvement 

installation crew

continues to make memories by lending our expertise in replacement window and doors, hurricane shutters, vinyl siding, sunrooms, enclosures, screenrooms, patio covers, and pergolas.  Come be a part of our 20 years of happy customers along the Gulfcoast.  Click here for a free quote.

Join us in celebrating Majors Home Improvement 20th year, serving the community 1997-2017!  #tbt #Majors20yr 

Window to the Soul: Sunroom Gatherings

It is that time of year to gather and celebrate with friends and family.  In homes along the Gulfcoast, the sunroom space becomes a natural gathering area for get-togethers.  Sunroom

A sunroom can enhance your entertaining in a variety of ways.  Foremost, sunrooms bring additional living space to accommodate a larger number of guests.  With full glass views of the outdoors, your friends and family will be able to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home.  To feel snug and warm, sunrooms can be heated with a heat pump thermostat.  Plus, the natural light brings a warm glow into the home — making it an inviting place during our chilly winters.  After a big meal, kids can play outside in the yard, providing parents a perfect view from the sunroom.  

Majors Home Improvement can design a custom sunroom with your aesthetic needs and budget in mind.  Are you considering this elegant addition for your home?  Click here to read more about benefits of a sunroom or enclosure.  Schedule your free consultation here.

Stop In For A Spell

Under the oaks of this cozy Pace home, the McKee family enjoys the views from their new replacement windows. “I love them!” exclaimed Mrs. McKee. She explained the new windows let in so much more natural light. The family noted how much quieter it is within their home. Plus, they feel more safe and secure since they have shutters ready to install if there is an impending hurricane.

replacement windows

Replacement windows deliver many benefits from added natural light, reduced external noise, and safety and security features. Most customers acknowledge their old windows aren’t performing well and desire to save money in energy costs. Majors Select windows are EnergyStar rated and will save an additional $540 annually to heat and cool your home as compared to standard aluminum windows (*calculated to a power bill of $150 per month).

Don’t underestimate what quality replacement windows can do to improve the energy savings and security of your home. Ready for custom designed replacement windows?

Majors Home Improvement brings over 20 years of experience and can provide service after the sale. Let Majors Home Improvement provide you a free consultation for your home project. Our design consultants will answer all of your questions, ensure the right design and products, and provide a same quote for your home project.
Contact us to learn why we deliver a Red Carpet service to give you piece of mind for years of enjoyment. 

All Was Calm, All Was Bright

exterior doorWhen that first chill hits us Floridians, it hits a deep shudder to our hearts. Hands and feet keep a perpetual cold that seems to strike straight to the bone. Along the Gulfcoast, our minds recall our hot summer nights and long sunshine-lit days long foregone. Then, we feel the chill making its way around the base of the windows or along the frames of the doors. Air leaks around windows and doors is the most common form of heat loss. In fact, “a 1/8-inch gap under a 36-inch-wide exterior door may seem insignificant, but it will let as much cold air into your home as a 2.4-inch-diameter hole punched in the wall,” (Washington Post, n.d.).
It’s time to consider an energy upgrade. Energy-efficient vinyl windows can save up to an additional $540 annually to heat and cool your home.* Not only will you benefit from a warmer home in winter and cooler home in summer, replacement windows are virtually maintenance free and provide additional sound barrier to outside noises. Replacing your door with fiberglass doors will deliver the latest in energy technology and give you peace of mind with a secure entry to your home.
Replacing your windows and doors can be a sound investment in improving your home’s overall energy efficiency. May all be calm and all be bright as you consider these home improvement projects. For over 20 years, Majors Home Improvement has specialized in replacement window and door projects.
Contact us to learn why we deliver a Red Carpet service to give you piece of mind for years of enjoyment. 
* Calculated for a power bill of $150 per month.
Washington Post, (n.d.). Escape Routes: Where Heat is Fleeing Your House? Retrieved from