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We Welcome Our New Friends into the Majors Home Improvement Family 

We believe in treating all of our customers like family, just ask any of our longtime customers.  
We are excited to welcome each of our first time Majors Home Improvement customers. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope to see you again very soon.


Here are just a few of the new members of the family:

Tommy & Katherine Ward
Pace, FL
James & Thelma Simpson
Pensacola, FL
Mark & Neala Daughtry
Pace, FL 

Mike & Karen Weems
Gulf Breeze, FL
Thank you and welcome to everyone who recently joined our Majors Home Improvement family... we couldn't do it without YOU!

Many of our customers "find" us as a result of
word of mouth.  This simple, yet gracious, act by our customers has al
lowed us to be successful. For this generosity, we offer our gratitude and a token of our appreciation through our Referral Reward Program!

Major's Trivia Challenge

What is the actual size of a 2 x 4?
A.  2" x 4"
B.  1 1/2" x 3 1/2"
C.  2 1/2" x 4 1/2"
D.  1" x 3"

The first correct answer emailed in will be this month's winner of 2 Movie passes!  

Last Issue's Answer

The world's largest Christmas present was the Statue of Liberty.  It was given to the US in 1886.  It is 46.5 meters high and weighs 225 tons!  Which country gave this wonderful gift?

Answer:  France.
Would You Like to Have the Nicest Home in the Neighborhood?

Your family deserves to live in a beautiful home.  Let us help you upgrade your home to the home of your dreams.  Here are just a few ways we can help:

What is Your Most Used Room in the Home?
Where do you go when you wake up each morning and before you go to bed each night? Did you know the bathroom is the most used room in the home? Before starting the hustle of each day, the bath is the first place where we start each day. In the evening, the shower provides an oasis for rejuvenation and relaxation as we unwind from the busy day. For peace of mind, your current bathroom should be safe, easy to clean, and equipped to handle water penetration.

Safety becomes a key consideration in bath design. As family members use the bathroom in the home, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that every year over 235,000 people age 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom and almost 14% are hospitalized. Aged or cracked tile, slick tub surrounds, and loose shower doors and handles in an older bathroom can contribute to injuries.

New bath technology allows for quick and easy cleaning. With the infusion of Microban into the surface, bath products are protected from the growth of mold or mildew. Also, installing frameless shower doors will eliminate the build-up of soap residue and mildew. Further, the use of industry strong adhesives provides a watertight seal to prevent water to penetrate the walls of the bath enclosure. Aged and porous grout and caulk allow water to collect over time resulting in damage to dry wall allowing mold, bacteria and wood rot.

Protect the most used room in your home. A bath remodeling choice can provide a safer room with easy to clean materials. Your bath should be a luxurious escape reflecting your style. There are a number of custom fitted tubs to walk-in showers available in different color options and patterns. Improve your everyday life by designing your custom home bath remodel today. 
Nathaniel F. review of Majors Home Improvement
"Majors Home Improvement is a highly recommended family business with friendly and professional staff. We will happily contact Majors Home Improvement again for future projects."

 I clean the lint out of my dryer screen after every load.  What happens to all the lint that falls back in the lint trap slot under the screen?

Answer:  Any build-up of lint can block the vent.  Over time, the lint could obstruct airflow enough to make drying your clothes take a longer time. Also, it could be a fire hazard.  Here are a few tips for cleaning your dryer...

1. Always use the clean lint filter when drying clothes. 

2. Remove any lint from the filter before and after each load and any lint which has collected around the drum. 
3. Once a year, clean out the vent pipe for a deeper clean. 
4. Make sure to use the proper plug and outlet and that the machine is hooked up correctly.  

5. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for operation. 

6. As a good rule of thumb, don't operate the dryer if you leave home or when you go to bed.

Got a Question?  Ask Mike!  Simply click here, "Ask Mike."

Please be sure to include your name and phone number in case additional information is required to answer your question.
Green Tip of the Month
With Halloween just around the corner, follow these spooky tracks to an eco-friendly and green Halloween...


Fun Footprints On your trick-or-treating trip, your children can carry reusable buckets or canvas bags and walk the neighborhood to cut down on wasting gas.


Eerie Glow  Create that spooky feel from flickering candles to save electricity and to remove dangerous cords in dark paths.  


Punkin Chunkin  Once Halloween night has ended, cut down landfill waste by recycling all your carved pumpkins with organic materials in a compost bringing rich soil for planting in the spring. 

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