Let the Sun Shine In
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Let the Sun Shine In                                 AUGUST 2016
Replacement Windows
Keep the Heat Out with Replacement Windows
One of the compelling reasons for living in the "sunshine state" is enjoying our beautiful outdoors. However, as the heat cranks up in August, many Floridians find refuge in the comfort of their air conditioned homes.  To keep up with the constant heat and humidity, the home air conditioner often runs in overdrive to meet our cool demands.  

What is interesting is that heat always moves from warm areas to cooler ones.  So the summer heat is actually rolling into our living rooms.  Windows can account for 20% of cool air loss allowing for outdoor air to sneak in.

Majors Select® windows deliver energy efficiency to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Our windows achieve their energy rating through several dimensions.  Most important, the window frames are constructed with vinyl, the most energy efficient material for replacement windows.  Majors Select® windows are custom sized to ensure a perfect fit and reduce gaps or openings to the exterior.  Windows are replaced by experienced installers who follow our Red Carpet process to protect your home and provide a quality finished product backed with a lifetime warranty.  

So, from the song, Let the Sunshine In by The 5th Dimension, "Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in" and may the cool air stay in.

Are you ready for new energy efficient windows for your home?  Since 1997, Majors Home Improvement has delivered premium products, quality workmanship and unparalleled service, before and after the sale - all at an affordable price. We offer free quotes for windows, doors, shutters, vinyl siding, sunrooms & enclosures, patio covers, pergolas, and screen rooms. Contact us here to set up your appointment today!
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"Since moving here 5 years ago, Majors is the most professional and organized company I've dealt with." - Comment from patio cover customer in Milton, FL

Ask Mike!
Got a Question? 
Ask Mike!

  The lighting in our bathroom is dark and harsh.  Any suggestions on how to improve the light?
 - V Hayes
Mike's Reply: 
Thanks for your question.  Most often, we depend on one vanity light to light up the entire bath space. The solution is to use multiple lights.  You can add recessed lights or a well-placed flushmount light for substantial ambient light.

Also, do you have a preference for warm or cool light?  When you change out bulbs, choose your bulb according to its temperature, measured in degrees Kelvin (K).  Here is a list of temperatures with their lighting effect.

* 2,700 K: Warm, similar to candlelight
* 2,900 K to 3,200 K: Golden
* 3,500 K: Neutral
* 4,000K: Cool. But is most like natural daylight (and surprisingly, the light we perceive from the sun is cool.)
* 5,000 K: Cold

Ask Mike a QuestionPlease be sure to include your name and phone number in case additional information is required to answer your question.
HBA Home and Product Expo
Get Ideas for Your Home Projects
Visit Majors Home Improvement at booth #43 at the HBA Home & Product Expo at the Pensacola Bay Center August 19-21.  Drop by and learn more about replacement windows and doors, vinyl siding, hurricane shutters, sunrooms, patio covers, pergolas, and more!

Enjoy the Outdoors, Rain or Shine
Rain or shine, our new operable pergola delivers you the best experience for outdoor comfort and entertainment.  Enjoy our Florida weather comfortably with the push of a button.  Our operable pergola has louvers that can be closed and opened with a convenient remote control.  If you desire filtered light, simply open the pergola roof to the desired angle of light.  If a pop-up shower is impending, close the pergola roof to protect yourself and furniture from the rain.
Operable Pergola: Rain or Shine
Operable Pergola: Rain or Shine

Inspirational Quotes
"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."
- James Matthew Barrie

Welcome to Majors
We believe in treating all of our customers like family, just ask any of our longtime customers. We are excited to welcome each of our first time Majors Home Improvement customers. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope to see you again very soon. 
Here are just a few of the new members
of the family:

Dennis Parrish
Mary Esther, FL
Allen & Corrine Wihela
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Gary & Ellen Mooneyham
Milton, FL

Thank you and welcome to everyone who recently joined our Majors Home Improvement family... we couldn't do it without YOU! 
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Major's Trivia Contest

Question: According to NASA, it takes light 200,000 years to escape from the sun but only how long to reach the Earth?

A.  8 minutes
B.  23 hours
C.  14 days
D.  3 years

Congrats to this month's winner, G. Stanfill!

Last Issue's Answer:
Question: These three dogs (from First Class cabins) survived the sinking of the Titantic...
D. two Pomeranians & one Pekingese

August Celebrations
at the Majors Team

Work Anniversary
  1   |  Chuck Mepham, 11 years         
Compared to Vinyl windows, standard aluminum windows cost an additional $540 each year to heat & cool your home.  
*Calculated for a power bill of $150 per month.
Offer Expires 8/31/2016
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