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We Welcome Our New Friends into the Majors Home Improvement Family

We believe in treating all of our customers like family, just ask any of our longtime customers.

We are excited to welcome each of our first time Majors Home Improvement customers. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope to see you again very soon.

Here are just a few of the new members of the family:

Calvin & Minnie Augustine -
Pensacola, FL
Alve & Alice Holmes -
Pensacola, FL
Louise & Janet Morris -
Pace, FL

Don & Susan Clevenger - Orange Beach, FL

Dale & Bridget Norse -
Gulf Breeze, FL

Thank you and welcome to everyone who recently joined our Majors Home Improvement family… we couldn't do it without YOU!

Would You like to Have the Nicest Home in the Neighborhood?

Your family deserves to live in a beautiful home. Let us help you upgrade your home to the home of your dreams. Here are just a few ways we can help:

Replacement Windows
Hurricane Shutters
Sunrooms & Enclosures
Screenrooms & Patio Covers
Entry Doors
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Many of our customers “find” us as a result of word of mouth. This simple, yet gracious, act by our customers has allowed us to be successful. For this generosity, we offer our gratitude and a token of our appreciation through our Referral Reward Program!

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Major's Trivia Challenge

The world’s largest Christmas present was the Statue of Liberty. It was given it to the US in 1886. It is 46.5 meters high and weights 225 tons!

Which country gave this wonderful gift?

A. Ireland
B. France
C. Canada
D. Egypt

The first correct answer emailed in will be this month's winner of 2 Movie Passes!

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your trivia answer

Last Issue's Answer

(COMPANY NAME) is pleased to announce the winner of the last issue's Trivia Challenge… (WINNER) of (TOWN)! (WINNER) was the first person to correctly answer this question:

William Shakespeare is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's preeminent dramatist.

He wrote his first play in 1593. What is its title?

Answer: Taming of the Shrew

New, Updated, and
Unexpected Flooring Options

From Classic and Timeless to Contemporary Flare, Here ‘s What’s Hot in the World of Flooring:

Antique French Limestone for indoors and outdoors. This versatile product looks great with contemporary elements, like stainless steel.

Linoleum is a natural product, which has been made new again by use of bright, bold colors. Have it installed in a patterned or striped motif to add a splash of happy or to spotlight an area, such as an entryway.

Traditional porcelain or ceramic tiles are durable and easy to clean. Installation can be customized in a pattern to flatter your space and reflect your personality.

Bamboo is particularly sturdy, as it is harder than traditional hardwood flooring. Made from natural resources, it’s eco-friendly and available in several color options.

Leather tiles are long strip-like planks that add a rugged richness and depth to a space. Leather will scratch easily, but after a couple of months, it patterns nicely.

Reclaimed wood, such as barn wood, old school gym floors and old fencing can be customized and uniquely assembled to reflect your style.

Concrete is a great indoor and outdoor option that can be stained, stamped or polished to add a rustic element to your home.

Aluminum delivers a wow factor and adds visual depth and a shimmering flare. It is easily maintained and durable for those high traffic spaces.

Rubber is growing in popularity for it’s unique appearance and thermal quality. It’s cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and provides a padded safety feature for young children.

Cork is another safety-rich product that has an unmistakable, attractive look. It’s affordability and soundproof qualities make it an appealing option.

For an unexpected and delightfully unusual look, non-traditional elements are becoming increasingly popular. Brick paver floors add a timeless sense of beauty and charm with a character all their own.

River rock, warn smooth from rushing water, adds and organic, serene touch to bathrooms, patios and edging between flooring types; such as hardwood and ceramic tiles.


Dreaming of a Green Christmas -

Once you are done with your tree for the season, don't just toss it on the curb, where it will end up taking landfill space. Recycle it! Most cities now have programs that collect Christmas trees and turn them into mulch.


Question: Just wondering if you have any tips for making my Christmas tree last longer. Thank you, John Spangler

Answer: As soon as possible, get the tree in water. Either set it up in its stand or place it in a bucket if you aren't going to trim it right away. The base of the cut tree should never dry out, in order to keep the needles fresher. 

A rough rule of thumb is that a typical tree might absorb a quart of water for each inch of its diameter. This means many stands need to be topped off daily. As a last resort, if your tree does end up getting dried out , you can try drilling some shallow holes at the tree’s base.

Keep the tree away from direct sunlight, heaters or fans, as these will speed up the drying process. Many experts suggest using a room humidifier, which can help keep the needles fresher longer, as well as reduce fire risk.

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Please be sure to include your name and phone number in case additional information is required to answer your question.


Keeping with the times is a smart and green idea when it comes to home lighting. Many energy efficient options are available for homeowners to choose from; including LED bulbs, LED strip lighting, LED outdoor lighting, LED tube lighting, task lighting, updated fixtures and natural lighting.

LED lighting is more than just eco-friendly; it adds interest and can provide a dramatic effect to your home. Natural lighting is the ultimate green lighting option, including well-placed windows and skylights.

Under-cabinet and under-counter LED lighting is a great way to add efficiency to your home and save on your monthly utility bills.

Do you love the idea of having a statement chandelier in your home? There are several green options, which can be installed with a dimmer switch for low-energy, mood lighting in an entry or dining area.

In addition to saving on your energy bill, the value of your home will increase and you will contribute towards preserving the environment. LED bulbs and fixtures require less energy to manufacture, as compared to incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs also take less space in landfills, contain no mercury and can be recycled.

Christmas Facts

832 – The number of homes Santa visits every second to deliver all his presents.

In Greek, X means Christ; that is where the word “Xmas” comes from!

Bing Crosby ‘s ‘White Christmas’ was released in 1942 and is considered to be the best-selling Christmas song of all time!

7 in 10 – The number of dogs that get Christmas gifts from their owners

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