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You’re Ready for Summer – Is your Lawn?

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We Welcome Our New Friends into the Majors Home Improvement Family

We believe in treating all of our customers like family, just ask any of our longtime customers.

We are excited to welcome each of our first time Majors Home Improvement customers. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope to see you again very soon.

Here are just a few of the new members of the family:

Dan Cox – Defuniak Springs
William & Nan Blinn - Niceville
John & Delfina Horning – Pensacola
Terry & Kristine Kluckman – Crestview

Mark Bunch – Fort Walton Beach

Thank you and welcome to everyone who recently joined our Majors Home Improvement family… we couldn't do it without YOU!

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Major's Trivia Challenge

Most people know the month of April has 30 days and is the 4th month in our calendar year. Many believe it was named after the ancient Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Which of these April facts is NOT true?

A. In Roman days it was the 2nd month
B. It is national Poetry month in the US
C. The lily is the flower of April
D. The diamond is the gemstone of April?

The first correct answer emailed in will be this month's winner of 2 Movie Passes!

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Last Issue's Answer

Congratulations to Christine Rowell, the winner of the last issue's Trivia Challenge… Christine correctly answered this question:

Johnny hosted 4,531 episodes of The Tonight Show. Until The Price Is Right host Bob Barker broke the record in 2002, he had the longest running record of one person hosting a show, for 29 years, 7 months, 21 days. Who was Johnny’s first guest on "The Tonight Show”?

Answer: Groucho Marx

Home Decorating Trends for 2011

It’s time to peek into the looking glass and see what’s hot for 2011. Global decorating is indeed with us, which allows for a tremendous variety of styles and accessories. It has never been easier to fix up your home to suit your lifestyle.

You’ll notice a shift in attention from black to gray, on its own and as a balancing color. Going green continues to grow in importance as manufacturers champion the recycling spirit.

Gray has been out of vogue for a while, but the new softer shades of stone, putty and granite will make a huge impact this year. Mixed with glass and smoky silvery greens, this palette of delicate grays has given a whole other notion to the rather tired beige groupings of the past decade.

Gray is being paired with anything – fresh and funky oranges, classy coppers, reserved olive green and pure white. Although more muted than in the past, purples are still hot and are a good pairing with gray.

Going green must become a way of life for us all rather than a trend, and its global importance is captured in the many ways designers and manufacturers choose to create new products.

Plastics may not seem to be Earth-friendly, but they are if the product has been re-created from recycled plastic, which is the case today.

Wood, bamboo and cork are renewable resources that have continued staying power for furniture, flooring and accessories. Motifs from nature are still favored patterns; you’ll find florals with oversized blooms, sculpted leaves and birds on fabrics and wall coverings.

The rush over steel is not stopping any time soon. It took awhile to get here, but once the kitchen manufacturers caught on, steel swept in like a tidal wave. However, textures are shifting toward hammered or distressed in all metals and some wood as well.

Reflective surfaces bring a lovely gleam to any room. Glassware is veering away from the straight and narrow, taking on enchanting new curves and bubbles that work well with contemporary design and add a note of surprise to traditional settings.


Lighten Your Laundry Load

If you only have a few items to dry, throw in a large dry towel to absorb some of the moisture so your clothes dry faster. Be sure you use a white towel or one that has been laundered many times or the color from the towel could leak onto your clothes.


Question: The lighting in my bathroom seems harsh and unflattering, especially in the morning.

Is there a way to improve the lighting in my bathroom?

- Janet Reid

Answer: For optimal bathroom lighting, bathroom fixtures that feature incandescent bulbs behind diffusers radiate the most flattering light and color.

Remember that you can use more than bath strips for your next bathroom lighting project.

Try sconces on either side of a mirror and a ceiling fixture for balanced lighting throughout the room.

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Please be sure to include your name and phone number in case additional information is required to answer your question.

You’re Ready for Summer – Is your Lawn?

2Summer is just around the corner and along with all the vacation, summer camp and recreational planning you may be doing, be sure to keep your lawn in mind as well.

A lot of us come to the realization that our yards need some maintenance and prepping after it is too late and we’re already in the season. This year get in front of that task and do something while the time is right.

There are some basic things that need to be done to your grass to give it a healthy chance of looking good through the season:

Raking –
You should have your yard raked thoroughly in the Fall and the Spring. This not only removes the leaves but also gets rid of the build up of clippings and waste that accumulates in the grass.

Fertilizing –
Have fertilizer put down in the Spring. It really depends on your particular soil type, but usually a slow-release type is most appropriate. Also consider having your soil tested to make sure the right type of fertilizer is being applied.

Aerating –
Over time, compacting of the lawn will cause air to be squeezed out of the soil. This makes for a poor root bed for new grass growth so it needs to be aerated to get the oxygen back in the soil.

If you follow these rules as well as basic watering needs, you’ve got a good start to a fantastic looking yard!

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- Barbara Bush

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