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Landscaping Project for Family a Success

Over 30 people volunteered on Saturday, June 28th to help clean up landscaping at the home of our “Self-Sacrificing” family, Carolyn Butler and Debbie Lewis in Milton.  The mother-daughter teacher duo were selected as the winners of the 2014 Home Repair project.

Help from United Way of Santa Rosa CountyMajors Home Improvement, and the community provided much needed landscape cleanup for the family.  A large oak tree growing over the home was trimmed by McAtee Lawn Service and numerous trees growing near the perimeter of the home were cleared out.  Over 10 trailers full of debris was hauled off the site.  Additionally, contractors from Avalon Air Conditioning & Heating and a local electrician inspected other needs while helping with the clean up.  “It was awesome to see skills, talent and hard work of so many in our community (plus a lot of good tools.)  The landscape cleanup was a success!” states Andrea Sutrick, Project Coordinator from Majors Home Improvement.

The landscaping day helped to prepare the home for Majors installers to come back out on July 26th to replace windows and doors, install vinyl siding, provide kitchen cabinet repairs, and more.  We are looking forward to the big finale to complete this home improvement transformation!

How can you help out?  Please “like” and follow the United Way of Santa Rosa County and Majors Home Improvement on Facebook for future announcements for the Majors Helps program.

Majors Home Improvement wins GuildQuality’s 2011 Guildmaster Award

Pensacola, FL – June 24, 2011

Majors Home Improvement, a leading replacement contractor in Milton, FL, announced today that the company has been awarded a 2011 Guildmaster Award for exceptional customer satisfaction. Majors Home Improvement was one of 163 home builders, remodelers, developers and contractors throughout North America recognized for their superlative performance.

About Majors Home Improvement

Since 1997, Majors Home Improvement has delivered premium products, quality workmanship and unparalleled service – all at an affordable price. Specializing in Replacement Windows, Sunrooms & Enclosures, Screenrooms and Patio Covers, Entry Doors, Vinyl Siding, and Fabric Awnings – Majors Home Improvement is the local home improvement company of choice for Northwest Florida and South Alabama.

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About GuildQuality

GuildQuality provides customer satisfaction surveying and performance reporting for over 500 homebuilders, remodelers, and replacement contractors in North America. GuildQuality collects feedback directly from homeowners and reports back to the building professional through a web-based service. GuildQuality achieves a 70% response rate to its surveys, which includes comment-rich qualitative feedback in addition to quantitative ratings.

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We have a winner!

"Home Improvement Sweepstakes Winners"

Denise & Wayland Mann

Congratulations to Denise Mann of Pensacola!  Denise is the random drawing winner of our $10,000 Home Improvement Sweepstakes!

Over the past year, the response has been overwhelming.  We never expected so many entrants.
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Holiday Chance Drawing Winner

Congratulations to Ms. Benita Glenn – the winner of the Holiday Chance Drawing (Children’s Playset).

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth in Cordova Mall. Your donations to Relay for Life to fight cancer are appreciated!

Replacement Contractor Magazine: Ray of Light

Some see opportunity in a market that many home improvement companies have fled: sunrooms

By Jim Cory

Think the sunroom market is stuck in a slump? Don’t tell that to Majors Home Improvement, in Pensacola, Fla., which last year hired a salesperson specifically to run sunroom leads, or to Durante Windows & Siding, in Birmingham, Ala., which also hired a sunroom salesperson. In both cases owners see opportunity in a market that now has fewer retail sunroom companies with which to compete.

Stay the Course

Though many home improvement companies that once counted sunrooms as their top volume producer have moved away from the product, some that have stuck it out say they are seeing the market rebound. Jared Hagen co-founded Sunrooms and More by American Home Design, in Lexington, Ky., seven years ago, and the company still does 70% to 72% of its business in sunrooms and related products such as pergolas, patio covers, and screen rooms. Operations manager John Penn says the company is successful because it markets sunrooms, seeks the serious customer, and will work with that customer to arrange financing, which can be the biggest hurdle.

“We loved the third-mortgage market and so did everyone else,” Penn says. Third mortgages accounted for 60% of the company’s sunroom sales between 2004 and 2006. Now Sunrooms and More often needs to help buyers afford the room they want by finding an unsecured loan, sometimes used in combination with some portion of cash. Many companies shy away from the work that involves, Penn says, but “we look on getting people financed as just another problem to overcome.”

The company also markets to the right neighborhoods. “Once we started looking for people with a substantial amount of equity in the home,” Penn says, “we started finding them.”

Still in the Game

Larry Chavez, a Four Seasons sunroom dealer in Albuquerque, says that sunrooms are the smaller portion of his home improvement business, which since 2005 has seen replacement window sales expand to become the company’s big seller. But Chavez, who has sold sunrooms for more than 20 years, says he has no intention of abandoning the product — especially now that there is less competition from other sunroom dealers.

In Lexington, Penn says that there is almost no one left selling sunrooms. According to Chavez, the sunroom business is tied to consumer confidence: “As confidence increases, the sunroom business will increase.”

Publication date: November 1, 2010

Attorney General Warns Consumers of Unapproved Hurricane Protection for Windows

During the past year the IHPA and its members launched the “Get the
Get The NumberNumber” campaign addressing the dangers of protecting homes with unapproved, untested, or misrepresented products.

The IHPA spent considerable time and effort in gathering and compiling advertising and technical materials demonstrating misleading advertising and unfair or deceptive trade practices regarding the marketing of unapproved products and window film for use as hurricane protection.  Late last year the IHPA Board of Directors, under Tom Johnston’s leadership, submitted the findings to the Florida Attorney General’s Office during meetings and direct correspondence.  Our report  and communications highlighted the tremendous risk of consumers being mislead; thereby creating a recipe for disaster and potential unnecessary loss of property and life. The IHPA Board and its members are pleased that Attorney General Bill McCollum and staff immediately recognized the seriousness of the issue and took direct action to alert consumers to the issue and dangers of using unapproved products for hurricane protection.

An excerpt from the press release reads: Purportedly, some window film companies are also falsely claiming that by purchasing the window film for residential use, the homeowner will be eligible for an insurance discount. In reality, the insurance industry may not recognize this discount because the window film does not meet the standards for use in a residential home.

Recently, the International Window Film Association (IWFA) has began issuing manufacturer and dealer alerts in an effort to make sure companies are adhering to proper business procedures. While most members are following proper advertising and sales practices, some are not. Additionally, not all film manufacturers are part of the IWFA, therefore they are not held to the same standards.

Attorney General McCollum offers the following recommendations to consumers to avoid falling victim to dealers who may be misrepresenting the film’s capabilities:

· Ask to see the product approval and the corresponding number;

· Go to and/or to assure that the number supplied is verifiable;

· Check with your local building department. Most building departments require a permit to install hurricane protection; and

· Report any company that is making fraudulent claims about window film.

Consumers who believe they may be victims of fraud may contact the Attorney General’s fraud hotline at 1-866-9-NO-SCAM (1-866-966-7226) or file an online complaint at

The full press release can be found here.

BBB Warns Of Home Improvement Scams

The Better Business Bureaus in the U.S. and Canada are warning homeowners to be on the lookout for home improvement scams. Less-than-reputable or unqualified contractors breeze into town promising a variety of services at cut-rate prices. They may show up at your door, advertise in local papers or deliver fliers to your home.

Complaints to the BBB concern a wide range of problems, including high-pressure sales tactics, confusion over contract terms, poor workmanship, incomplete job performance, over-charging and in some cases, home foreclosures.

“It’s not your lucky day when a contractor shows up on your doorstep offering a too-good-to-be-true deal on a project. The salesperson may claim he has materials left over from a recent job at your neighbor’s house or the ‘house down the street.’ This is a common ploy of fly-by-night contractors who are based out-of-state and use their pick-up trucks as their place of business,” said Steve Cole, president and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

Complaints against home improvement/home repair contractors are among the most common consumer complaints received by the Better Business Bureau. And there is little wonder, considering how lucrative the business is. Americans spent over $200 billion in 2005 on home remodeling/repair projects, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

“There are thousands of reputable contractors who will deliver quality work, on time and within budget. Consumers can avoid costly mistakes and scams by doing some research before opening their wallets,” said Cole.

Comparing cost before making a financial commitment toward any home improvement project is very important. In doing so, you should solicit at least two or three bids from prospective contractors based on the same building specifications, materials, labor and time needed to complete the project.

The BBB advises homeowners to never let a contractor pressure them into making a snap decision. A reputable professional will recognize that you need time to consider many factors when deciding which contractor to hire.

When looking for a reliable contractor, consumers should employ a contractor with an established business in their area. Ask for testimonials or references and check them out. Look into the contractor’s standard of work and his professional affiliations; verify his insurance; and check to see if he needs to be licensed. Check with the BBB for a report on the contractor.

Do not permit work to start without a signed written contract that includes all verbal promises that were made by the contractor. Be sure that the written contract includes a start and completion date, a breakdown of the cost and information about the contractor, including license number, street address and phone number.

If you need financing for your project, it may not be wise to agree to financing through your contractor or someone he suggests. “Consumers complain that they were pressured to sign a lot of papers and only later found out they had agreed to a home equity loan with a very high rate, points and fees. Carefully read every document before you give your consent. You can usually get a better deal on financing by shopping around on your own and comparing loan terms from several lenders,” Cole added.

If you are asked to pay for the entire job up-front, this should raise a red flag. Arrange for payments to be made as parts of the job are completed. Final payment should not be due until the job is done. And, homeowners should pay by check or credit card, never cash.

11 Things That You Should Know Before Buying A Sunroom

Do higher gas prices and clogged highways have you spending more time at home? Do you wish you had a great space for your kids and their friends to hang out? If you’ve had the idea to turn your deck or patio into that wonderful sunroom addition, now is a great time to add a sunroom. There are many different designs and decisions to make so here is a list of some of things you may want to consider before you buy. Not all sunroom dealers and manufacturers are the same!

Here are 11 things that you should know before buying a sunroom, along with how Majors Home Improvement sunrooms answers these concerns.


Ask if the contractor if you can see full size models. Seeing an actual sunroom can give you a sense of the different designs and decorating ideas. Ask if the contractor has a display home where you can see their finished work on someone’s home, or request to see some pictures of sunrooms of previous customers.


Make sure they offer a free, no obligation consultation – measuring at your home to provide you with an exact cost for your project. Consultants can offer great ideas on how to utilize your current deck or patio as a foundation for your sunroom addition. Watch out for contractors who offer sunroom cost over the phone. This can hide the true cost of a sunroom project. Scheduling an appointment will be the only true way to be sure you can compare the sunroom cost and value of each product before selecting a sunroom company.


Would you live in a home where the electric system was not UL approved? Be sure the sunroom has UL approved wiring systems. Electrical raceways should not only be safe but they shouldn’t interfere with the sunroom décor. Watch for contractors who only offer electric as an afterthought by using awkward surface mount electrical boxes and conduit to run wiring and mount outlets.


When building a sunroom, the sunroom windows and doors are an important centerpiece to the room’s decor. The quality of the windows and doors not only provides the outdoor feel but they’re a key a factor in a fully insulated sunroom that allows you to entertain for four seasons. To maintain durability, it’s the rollers that keep the windows and doors operation smooth for the long term. Steel rollers on stainless steel tracks are the best system for heavy windows and doors. Be sure the rollers are covered under the warranty.


ENERGY STAR is a national program that rates the energy efficiency of consumer products. You’ll hear the term four seasons sunroom used frequently and it refers to sunrooms designed for year round heating and cooling. These sunroom designs are eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR. If you are considering a four season sunroom, be sure the windows and doors are ENERGY STAR qualified in all 50 states.


Workers compensation insurance is a big expense that many contractors don’t want to absorb, so they cut corners by hiring sub-contractors to do the installation. If an uninsured worker is injured on your property, you could bear the liability and the original sunroom cost presented by the contractor becomes a huge loss.


Many companies will show you pictures of sunrooms and screened porch photos that have fiberglass screens. Black aluminum screens minimize the obstruction of your outdoor view, and are stronger than fiberglass screens.


Your sunroom will get lots of use, so the door handles should be strong and easy to use. Color matched handles with mortise locks look better – and last longer. Screen handles should be full size and well fastened.


If so, find out how and what part of the work will they do. If sub-contractors are used for specialty work on your installation, be sure they are fully insured and that your sunroom company will stand behind their work. Using installers whose only job is building a sunroom helps ensure that the sunroom cost doesn’t begin to inflate.


Identify what permits will be required and how they will be processed. Find out who will schedule the inspections required by your local building department.


How long is the labor guarantee, and what does it include? Ask about the Manufacturer’s Warranty, and who stands behind it!

Since 1997, Majors Home Improvement has delivered premium products, quality workmanship and unparalleled service – all at an affordable price. We are proud to be the local home improvement company of choice for the Florida and Alabama Gulf Coast. Majors Home Improvement is proud to be a dealer of Betterliving Sunrooms. “Not all sunrooms are created equal!”